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Daikin Air Purifiers

A Daikin Air Purifier improves the quality of your air indoors, with its advanced technology and ultra quiet operation.

Daikin Air Purifiers turn your home into the great outdoors with advanced technology and quiet operation. A Daikin Air Purifier is ideal if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or allergies, particularly if your condition keeps you awake at night. With a 6-layer powerful decomposition and removal system, Daikin’s Air Purifier helps eliminate bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, pollen and unpleasant odours.

The National Asthma Council Australia and Asthma Foundation NZ introduced the Sensitive Choice program to help identify products better suited for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Daikin Air Purifiers are recognised by the Sensitive Choice program, and carry the Blue Butterfly symbol.

Clean-Flow Healthy Home System

For existing ducted systems, the new Clean-Flow air filter system offers:

  • Removal of Airborne Pollutants
  • Patented Magnetic Seal
  • PowerGuard Pleated Filter
Pollutants you probably are exposed to:
  • Pollen and dust
  • Mould and fungus
  • Harmful Fibres and lead particles
  • Skin Flakes and animal hair
  • Fumes and bacteria
  • And more...

... can be greatly reduced with the addition of high quality filters in your existing air conditioning or heating system. PowerGuard Electrostatically Enhanced Filters have a patented magnetic seal. PowerGuard's disposable cartridge are quick and simple to change, thus making maintenance easy for you.

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